Scania without Engine Badge


Author: Nikola Kostovski


9 thoughts on “Scania without Engine Badge

  1. sorry I do not understand why you would want to remove a badge that you cannot see

    1. Michael Fase

      it’s the R720 badge or R420 badge or any other engine type. on the grill and he removed it in this mod

      1. steve silent

        i still dont get the need for it lol

  2. why would you want to removed the badge? I don’t see the point in this mod

  3. to put a light in place.
    I`m happy with it.

    Thanks Nikola

    1. I can see why player’s would want to use this mod now, for lights. I like the badge’s myself, nice mod all the same 🙂

  4. Nikola,
    can you do the same with the Scania logo on top?
    now Ive put a lumen chrome for it.
    remove all 3 at once

  5. Sharp Chronisch

    It’s really nice to see that there is someone out there who not only thinks in categories like:”bigger, better, faster”.
    Though not using this mod, I am watching Nikola with joy.



  6. I mean the little logo.
    not the word SCANIA that must be in his place

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