Scania Zorro skin


Author: wopito


5 thoughts on “Scania Zorro skin

  1. Sarkissian

    Could you make a skin with a #### lady on??
    One with great legs and ###?
    If possible one with dark hair?
    I would appreciate that?
    I could do it myself but I don’t have much time now for skinning myself.
    My best regards.

  2. or skill (still we dont see ANY of ur works!)

    1. Sarkissian

      I skinned a lot for GTR2 (but under another name) and also do a lot of modding for Strike Fighters 2.
      I have no time for that now.
      I live in Europe and Asia (Indonesia, Sumatra, and Cebu Philippines) Too busy with things between my places.

  3. This skin looks good!

  4. Neon Charge Gaming

    loving this skin, great work!

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