Schmitz 120 Jahre


Trailer Schmitz 120 Jahre Сopies of original trailer
Standalone Trailer

Test v1.25

Pavel Ztz, Blinke, Kreator, bigblend69, Stachevich


8 Responses to Schmitz 120 Jahre

  1. JoachimK says:

    That is an old Mod, dated from 2011 / 12 / 13
    Also no Manifest, no Image, no ReadMe…
    You should him update, please.

  2. blinke_thief!!! says:

    JoachimK, it’s a stolen mod, BLINKE only reupload and relink.
    People please, don’t download nothing from BLINKE.
    In the sharemods download page, if you see UPLOADED BY BLINKE….DON’T PUSH!!!! CLICK ON CLOSE DIRECTLY.

    • Kreator LV Studios Mods says:

      As far as I know, the mod is in the game and work is carried out on version 1.25
      These authors modernized the old your same mod and adapted it for the new version of the game.
      If you don’t know, it is better to keep silent and not to show here your moronic trolling the Scripture anonymous writer slander

      • blinke_thief!!! says:

        Well, I do not know what mod have you downloaded, but the published by the thief Blinke is not adapted to 1.25, haven’t manifest and the file with more recent date is January 31 of 2014.
        No standalone, it replaces the trailer krone coolliner.
        Are you defending, and I repeat, a thief and swindler.
        The original author maybe have updated the mod and keep working on it, but this thief Blinke reupload and relink an old versions that are useless.
        Why you do not taken a look inside the mod? You should …

        • Klains says:

          Anonim !

          Mod operates at 1.25 ! I have personally done it and checked.
          All authors are correct. It is not necessary here whining. I do not like – walked by!
          You show what you are snot-nosed child saying to people you don’t know!

          – do not tell people – to learn how to write in English!

          • anonimo says:

            Otro que defiende a un estafador. Como se nota que no tienes ni idea de mods. Claro que funciona en la 1.25, pero mal, reemplazando otro trailer, y con el sistema de cargas que se usaba hace 2 años. Y no necesito saber escribir inglés, google translator lo hace por mí. Ahora intenta traducir esto: elcoñoturmana

  3. 1203 says:

    Первый раз скачал и выкинул,а на остальные пройду мимо!
    Не качайте старый мод 2013 года !!!

  4. denirale91 says:

    we have a all right. V. 125
    You speak only for yourself and not for others.
    I then number main role in file, the main work is organized

    Author – THX!

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