Schmitz 120


Standlone High Quality Trailer
Almost the same as in Real life

Authors: Scorp, Iskren, Pawel, Jekich1, XardoniK ExclusiveUA


8 thoughts on “Schmitz 120

  1. Andy Atkinson

    Thank you, is it compatible with the 1.9.22s patch?

  2. and again a 1 april joke :p

    1. and why is it. since this isn’t its a real trailer mod

  3. this volvo fh 2013? looks different.. have you got this volvo mod link?

  4. Apferreira Truckman


    standalone ? if it is in another game, maybe …

  5. The trailer works perfectly but it is not stand alone , I have tested it and it replaces all krone cooliner … and you have to put some zzzzzzz in front of the file name for it to work properly…

    Not an april joke but ###### guy that didn’t even test his mod before posting …

  6. Apferreira Truckman

    description provided under the photo of the mod,
    needs correction

    “Standlone High Quality Trailer
    Almost the same as in Real life”

  7. Hmm it is working on ProMods map? I ask becouse I don’t have this trailer. I put some “zzzz” in front of the file name but I have only new wheels on all standard scs trailers, but I still don’t have new trailer in warehouse.

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