Schmitz Cargobull Tandem Skin

Well, here’s the tandem version too. A slightly different skin (no point for all skin types to be the same but you can combine them if you like), enjoy.

PS: The only skin that may not fit is the container skin(but I didn’t want it to leave blank)

And if you want to buy me a coffee you can do it at PayPal.Me/VandallRTR

tyb33rk, SCS,Flemming V.


4 thoughts on “Schmitz Cargobull Tandem Skin

  1. BadMonkeyoo

    Hey, what is your truck ?

    1. It’s a RJL Scania.

      1. BadMonkeyoo

        Have you got a link for your truck ? I want your truck please

        1. Here
          An updated version you can find on the steam workshop also

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