Schmitz Hupa Curtain

Pack trailers Schmitz performed in variants of colorings companies for the carriage of goods

Test version 1.27

Melicov, estom, regwin


4 thoughts on “Schmitz Hupa Curtain

  1. Are you the author of this trailer? NO
    Is why did not you add the original author?
    MDModding (Matdom1988)

    1. Melichov_SU

      You ###### monkey! Learn to read and understand ! And your stinking thoughts to leave with him.

      Melicov, estom, regwin

      1. Melichov_SU!
        From tomorrow I will go to school to make you happy
        I have not offended anyone, ###### monkey you will be you and all those like you
        And you’re just a piece of MERDA
        Then learns to have education and respect
        The trailer is not yours

        1. @zoso seu burro do caralho. O gajo disse que era um pack de skins e o que está para download são skins não é o reboque, animal.

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