Schmitz Nordfrost, Gesuko, Wolter


The trailers are in traffic
Keep the original link please

For skin requests:
[email protected]

joaoppg and base.SCS, unknow, Zilpzap, Königszapfen, Roadhunter

DOWNLOAD 3.2 MB Nordfrost
DOWNLOAD 3.2 MB Gesuko
DOWNLOAD 3.3 MB Wolter

3 thoughts on “Schmitz Nordfrost, Gesuko, Wolter

  1. Looks good, to bad i dont like trailer mods in trafic. Main reason i dont use any of Jazzy mods.

  2. Hello there,

    are the only skins or trailer ? And if these are just skins which mod do I need ?

  3. szia
    hogy lehet RAR-ról SCS-re változtatni??????

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