Schmitz S.CS Huckepack v1.35

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ETS2 ver. 1.35.X

Credits Trailer – Mr. Poland Base.
Ventyres Glandhands.
Bora Huckepack, taillights, various parts, mapping,
various new parts for lod models (wheels, lights etc.).

Textures – Edobetet Skinning.
Reyhan Ramadhan Skinning.
Nordish Stickers, various textures.
Bora AO texture.

Wheels – Ventyres Wheel.
Bora Mapping.

Textures – Tyre.
Bora AO Texture.

Traffic wheels Kamaz Base.

Texture Kamaz Tyre tread Tyre.
Bora Rendering texture from high poly wheel.

Flares Bora Tweaking .sii files for proper shine on ground etc.

Shadow Donovan

Standalone trailer..!!


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4 thoughts on “Schmitz S.CS Huckepack v1.35

  1. Hallo, Mat,

    merci beaucoup pour la Mise a Jour. Je suis très content, de pouvoir le réutiliser
    dans la Version 1.35 🙂

    Bonne Soirée

  2. JGaming HD

    HD video 1.35..

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…

  4. Im so tired of these trailers. I get that they are incredibly easy to mod, but why nobody is able to make mods from lowbed heavycargo trailers, cistern, log, etc, etc why all trailers are box based?? its ridiculous. ATS is soooo much better in this matter lol.

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