Schmitz S KO Cargobull Trailer


Standalone Trailer

Authors: Roadhunter, Königszapfen, Zilpzap


12 thoughts on “Schmitz S KO Cargobull Trailer

  1. Georgegold

    Version 1.7 – all mods disabled – trailer of the game is not

  2. mod works fine if you see 😀

    it’s my picture he use^^

    and works on all maps…


  3. Georgegold

    excuse – it works – after three hours in the game is back (y)

  4. What’s mean Standalone Trailer?

    1. it adds a new trailer not replacing an existing one

      1. Thanks fayearth

        1. no problem

  5. the problem with ETS is that we can’t have our own trailers.
    we should have the possibility to go grab the load at the client with those trailers like Krone, Lambert SR2 and other types, it’s suite the profile of truckers in ET2, so you damage your trailer + the load, change it’s paint.
    we could go to clients, park the the trailer then press L to get the load.

    1. i agree Evox, should have been like haulin in that part.. our own trailers and souch

  6. its doesnt apear, it can be that it because its only have one cargo?

  7. Hello,

    thanks for this fantastic Trailer !!!

    Very good Job!!!

    Bye R440mann

  8. Paulo Ervideira

    which cargo this trailer support?

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