Schmitz S.KO

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– Trailer ownership support
– Freight market support
– Fully standalone
– Dryvan & Reefer bodies
– SCS cargoes
– Advanced coupling
– Animated landing gear
– Skinable
– Liftable axle
– Realistic weight
– Custom Schmitz wheels by abasstreppas
– 16 real company skins + 7 basic colour variants
– Enabled in traffic
– Realistic reflectives
– Cable physics support

Rework: Lord-King Orignal authors: Rommi TZ, Sib3rius, Sheryo, obelihnio Wheel authors: abasstreppas (3d model), obelihnio (adaptation to trailer ownership)


4 thoughts on “Schmitz S.KO

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.33….

  2. fuxxing reupload.
    original you find here:

  3. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.33

  4. What kind of schnauzer does the author ever see schmitz SKO true? please correct the doors and walls

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