Schmitz SCS Mega


This is the original version of Hypia01 and Willy’s Schmitz SCS Mega Firanka, but I maked it for 1.26. It works on 1.26. Original author: Hypia01, Willy; for 1.26 version: bali8000

I can make a rework version for this, if somebody want, please write a comment.

Sorry for my bad english.

Hypia02, Willy, bali8000


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36 thoughts on “Schmitz SCS Mega

  1. dash Ridi ba rework kardanet
    khahr kose 500 meg ye trailer zolme

  2. Wow, nearly 500 MB for one Trailer???

  3. You read this at Upload here? It´s very, very slow

    Please do not use these file hostings:
    – / /
    – / and similar
    – /
    – /

    1. You have to tie into everything?

      1. I want a reworking! well done
        but to your ⚒BRAIN⚒ and remember to first? remove the password

        1. Ok, I make it for you. And sorry, but what mean ⚒BRAIN⚒ ?
          And you want to do it skinnable (I can make it)?

          1. You can do anything you want
            But do not make fun of people.
            in eurotrucksimulator2 Italian forum
            They would have already thrown out
            because the DDS files are all white?

          2. Sorry Zoso, I don’t unterstand. is this mod bad? (sorry I really dont now, because I am Hungarian

        2. Whats your problem?

  4. can u skin it or not ?

    1. If you want, I can make it skinnable for you.

  5. Raul Serban Pop

    crash, doesnt work in game

  6. Francesco


    1. No, replace krone profiliner

  7. That is not mega trailer

  8. The only thing that I realized that however you are a nice guy
    But though a little break the ##### (rompi un po’ le palle)
    I only speak Italian

  9. The only thing that I realized that however you are a nice guy
    But though a little break the ##### (rompi un po’ le palle)
    I only speak Italian

    1. Unfortunately I do not fully understand what you wrote, but you will have trouble with the mod or not?

      1. Csak azt vettem észre, hogy te egy kedves srác
        De eltörik néhány golyót
        A trailer nem működik
        DDS fájlokat belül mind a fehér, miért?
        Remélem érted

  10. Boss you can’t rework this trailer and the Curtain in white color?

    1. Yes, I can.

  11. this mod doesn’t work in game, can you send me another link to donload a good one? crash in game with this trailer…v1.26

  12. why is there a “Konwerter_ets2_0.2b.exe” inside this mod ?

  13. prosim jake je heslo.chtel bych si na nej pridat nazev sve firmy.prosim

  14. santos ets2mods

    this mod doesnt work

  15. santos ets2mods

    this mod doesnt work!!!!!

    1. Its working!!!

  16. EndEffect


    1. Yes, I can do it, but can you send me a link?

  17. KaamDrive

    Hej, da radę prosić z szarą plandeką do 1.26? Tu w komentarzach znalazłem inny link, bo głowny nie działa, ale wyrzuca z gry

  18. Szia!Láttam Flickr-n a Waberer’s-es pótkocsidat,ami nagyon realisztikusra sikerült!Nem tervezed megosztani?

    1. Szia! Még nem tudom, de gondolkodom rajta 🙂

  19. VagabondHook8

    Could you make it for the newest ETS2 version? Its the only schmitz trailer with a pallet box. I would be grateful.

  20. I want for 1.31

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