Schmitz SK.O


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Schmitz SK.O Trailer
2 Trailer versions: in AI Traffic and not in AI Traffic

Please don’t reupload

Author: kreso01


11 Responses to Schmitz SK.O

  1. zoso says:

    write not reaplod trailers (Schmitz – container
    what have you created? I tell you: the only link????
    question, who are the original authors of trailers?

    • kiLLer Modding says:

      the right author is Rommi TZ , I think, right?

      • zoso says:

        killer, I know very well the authors and trailers
        but expecting reply from kreso01
        Now I remember the authors
        thanks killer?

    • Kreso01 says:

      If you download the mod you will see that the moders list and also download ets2 studio.
      I only forgot to list the moders i will contact the admin to change that

    • zoso says:

      Schmitz SK.O: TZ express-MDModding-ETS2studio
      MDM Container_MDModding(Matdom1988)-ETS2studio

      • kreso01 says:

        I know the authors i am not guilty that have allowed ets2 studio to feautre their trailers and i have forgot to list the authors i have listided them in mod manifest

        • kreso01 says:

          And also if you really want to report me but i don t see the rason to that will not stop me crating mods

          • kreso01 says:

            And i m gong to contact the admin to change the list of authors

          • zoso says:

            I do not want to force anyone to create mod
            you are free to do whatever you want
            but it is fair to add in the credits also original authors (in description)
            good job

          • zoso says:

            not contact anyone for me the discussion
            it’s close

  2. schmitz says:

    Does it actually work?
    I have tried it but I could not find it. Can anyone help me please?

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