Schmitz SKO 24

Schmitz SKO 24 (1) Schmitz SKO 24 (2)

Replaces coolliner
The most realistic model of schmitz.

Authors: Iskren, pawel, xardonik, ExCrimea, MateuszATe


9 thoughts on “Schmitz SKO 24

  1. Nice truck! U got the link for the truck?

    1. MateuszATe

      Truck is private. 🙂

  2. And you can do that would be replaced trailer aerodynamics ?????

  3. Faelandaea

    Beautiful trailer. Too bad it can;t be skinned, but the detail is awesome.

  4. I got the link if the truck?please do this

  5. You got the link of the truck?

  6. give truck please

  7. why can i not skin the trailer???

  8. działa na tym nowym patchu ? bo jest super

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