Schmitz SKO Reefer


Replaces coolliner, works with version of the game.



5 Responses to Schmitz SKO Reefer

  1. ClassicDutchTrucker says:

    This also works on 1.9.x.

  2. ursturbo says:


  3. SkGe says:

    @ Ventyres87
    If you are the creator of this mod how i can get in contact with you!?
    This is my email [email protected]
    Plz contact me. Thx!

    • JA says:

      I’m pretty sure Wendi (Ventyres87) doesn’t make mods for ETS2, just people converting her mods from older games to ETS2.

      So she probably doesn’t visit here.. (I could be wrong though).

      • SkGe says:

        But who upload this trailer may have some connection with that person and hope i talk with it.

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