Schmitz SKO Trailer

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– Standalone
– Liftaxe
– Advanced Coupling

Credits: Stanley, Scotty

Tested on:
ETS 2 Ver.: 1.30.x

Stanley, Scotty


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7 thoughts on “Schmitz SKO Trailer

  1. REVIEW:

  2. Base of this Trailer: JBK Bensdorp Trailer.

    But is a nice Skin, Scotty.

    @Beast- Thanks for the Video 🙂

    1. Yes, I noticed that this trailer based on yours trailer.
      But skin nice, sorry 😉

    2. And the JBK Bensdorb is based on Stanley Trailer. So what.

      1. Stanley – is the best of the best of the best !!!

      2. So I’ll explain it to you,
        the original author is Stanley
        standalone conversion: Zoso
        the used tailer is JBK
        why does not this clever write correct credits? (you do not pay anything)
        or do I have to remove from the forum administrator?
        I hope you understand now

  3. passwort bitte würde gern da gern nen anderen skin drauf

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