Schmitz STH Black Trailer


Schmitz STH Black Trailer
Replace Cooliner
Version 1.22

Authors: Lhools, Matgamer


6 thoughts on “Schmitz STH Black Trailer

  1. Hy, can I ask you for a template? It would be awesome 🙂

  2. kuznetsoff

    на прицепе не работает светотехника: поворотники, стопы, задний ход…габариты по бокам! горят только задние габариты

  3. es wer toll wen da frachten drine währen,den die cargo comperny fehlern und so!

  4. Nice trailer
    only can you fix the back lights ??
    Left and right blinkers are not working

  5. Love the trailer, only problem is when I changed the side skirt colour from black to blue, they turned red ingame. Any idea why? Thanks 🙂

  6. Arrived at the download it is written “no file” in the top left… -_-

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