Schmitz Trailer

Schmitz-Trailer-1 Schmitz-Trailer-2

Replaced AeroDynamic Trailer

Authors: dafxfiskren, Scorp, Ventyras, Szejdas, Tomson


4 Responses to Schmitz Trailer

  1. TRINIDAD34 says:

    The trailer is much too low. The tractor does not go below. Please fix it.

    • Michael says:

      it’s called a lowdeck trailer. they use trucks with low chassis and smaller tires. it’s to get more loading space so yuo will need a lowdecker truck to use it

  2. Serg177rus says:

    на трейлере не может быть таких номеров.

  3. Forser188 says:

    Nice, i like it!

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