Schmitz Trailer v3

schmitz-1 schmitz-2

An amazing quality trailer for ets2.
Addapted for 1.25
Has AO
Has Wheels
Has Lightmask
Enjoy 🙂

Jekich1, Floerar


12 thoughts on “Schmitz Trailer v3

  1. ¿Alguien tiene el Link del Actros? Por favor

  2. Let I get trailer from NewS …

  3. template?

  4. Francesco

    standalone o replaces?

  5. Nice trailer! Is this Actros a private mod or where can i find it, pls?

  6. What about the Actros? Which model is that?

  7. Template?


    WHAT TRUCK IS ON 2 PICTURE? And where can I find LINK

  9. JuX Bossu

    Template ?? plss

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