Schmitz Trailers Pack v 1.0

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Schmitz Trailer Pack 1.0 – SmhKzl

– Brian Yeardley
– Schoni
– Malcolm

— Included in Ai Traffic

1.24.x – 1.25.x

Author: SmhKzl


5 thoughts on “Schmitz Trailers Pack v 1.0

  1. Francesco


    1. I rimorchi sono creati con ETS2studio e sono standalone .
      Le skin le ha fregate ad altri autori e blocca le mod senza permesso
      e non aggiunge gli autori originali dei rimorchi lui pensa di essere intelligente , ma cchà nisciune e fesso
      ciaoZ Francesco

      1. Francesco

        ok grazie della risposta ciao zoso 😉

  2. Because you have not added the original credits of the trailers?
    Who gave you permission to block the trailers?
    ETS2studio and free for all and Matdom1988 not allow to block its work.
    You also used the skins of other authors without permission
    You are free to block only your work (skins)
    I want to remind you that I can unlock all types of passwords and recharge
    Question: But what you’re hiding in the skins the treasure map?
    Why do not you answer?
    explain your reasons

  3. I forgot to help you if you do not know how to add credits
    Look at the JBK package – SK.O Trailers Pack 15 Author JoachimK

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