Schotpoort for Volvo driver


Hope this is ok for you volvo driver and anyone else who wishes to
download it if you upload anywhere else make sure i get credits



6 Responses to Schotpoort for Volvo driver

  1. Volvodriver says:

    wow this looks amazing man! thanks! looks even better than the real thing! with the logo’s on front:P wish they had that in real life:P wow amazing thanks!

  2. Volvodriver says:

    using it now just wow love the volvo driver signature! i will put some pics on world of trucks and again thanks!

  3. Ianwigan says:

    Glad you like it volvo i put logo on front there as in pic it coverd lightbox and i thought would look ok there also there is link in forum under mod request were i have a link for the trailer krone i did and another for the truck anyhow glad your happy cheers

  4. Volvodriver says:

    yes im very happy! uploaded a pic from the truck on world of trucks. getting a new pc tomorrow so pics with trailer will follow. Ian again amazing work! and i can say to everyone that you are the go to guy for skins. keep on trucking and never stop the ETS community is awesome! have a good night!

  5. Ianwigan says:

    Thank you volvo and enjoy i will look out for world of trucks hope your dad enjoys suprise take care

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