Schubert Scania

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Prejudice or wanted to share this with you all mod.
Compatible with the game version V.1.23 V.1.24.
In the video you hear the sound not included

Please do not reuplod and respect my hard work, Thanks ?

Author: Afrosmiu


30 thoughts on “Schubert Scania

  1. Superb interior!

  2. Are you italian?
    Because “senza paura” are italian words

  3. Test Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

    1. thanks friend had tested the mod I did not for lack of time in the color section there is the skin of schubert

  4. KiLLeRModding

    man can you update your mega mod for all trucks to 1.24? I am waiting for it

    1. hello friend I’m working

  5. Ugly Sound …

  6. AlexandruM

    and sound for this mod????

    1. Download sound in my video

  7. Very nice ! compliments !

  8. SeriousSam

    in 1.24 the interior model seems wrong – some textures visible from outside, but not inside. Furthermore guess the onterior colour is light brown / beige / orange – maybe i’m wrong. If the interior color is changed this would be awesome – interior itself is terrific good then 🙂
    The high beams on the roof to be changed and remove lights on the lowbar. Can you add sound from Kriechbaum or any other really cool one.

    Some changes left – but really man this is a very nice mod

  9. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

    1. Thank I tested my mod

  10. Awesome! Where can I get this sound?

  11. Francesco

    Bel lavoro!

  12. What a rubbish.
    First of all, non-classic Vabis steering wheel, red-colored interior (fully beige in original and non-white letters on tires – all of it Andreas Schubert himself assumes as heresy. Just “on trifles” – original chrome air inlets right under the windshield are painted for unknown reason, originally the “Schubert” sign on top is non-glowing, no lights on bottom of the bullbar and there is no white lights on the roof light bar, only yellow ones.
    Check out this video for more info:
    So, at the end, it’s some kind of offer to A.Schubert about restyling of his lovely lorry and apart of old RJL’s skin this mod is just yet another… file on some file hosting.

    1. Se tu hai letto il mio commento ho voluto condividere…se non ti piace non lo scaricare…?

      1. Like or dislike it doesn’t matter. Fof this is not the Shubert’s Scania by the reasons I’d mention before, so no need to mislead people, you have to remove the Shubert’s name from your mod in respect to real owner of Schubert’s Scania. Second – you have to ask permission from author of the truck skin you’ve use. To be fair, we’re all impressed by your abilities to find and repaint a couple of dds textures to red color, but a lot of people tried to make “Schubert’s Scania” so far and the worst one is yours.

  13. Tomorrowland1

    Whats the password not everything goes whell with my colors

  14. Ciao Afrosmiu
    mettere d’accordo tutti è praticamente impossibile
    comunque ottimo lavoro!

    1. Grazie amico mio….infatti io nn metterò più niente in questo forum..non solo che ti fai un sedere enorme crare un divertimento x tt… anno anche da ridire…comunque io sto facendo la megastore la nuova versione la metterò nel mio sito…

      1. Qui è così continuo tutti i giorni a bacchettare tutti sti bravi ……ragazzi e continuerò.? ? ? ? ? ?
        Comunque se ti senti di postare qui i tuoi lavori fallo tranquillamente e dopo li addomestichi?
        Ma il tuo sito è sui social? (Mi non uso social)
        Ti saluto my Friend

  15. hallo leider funktioniert er bei mir nicht könnten sie mir bitte helfen finde den scania sooo geil 🙂

  16. gönne ich das pw haben das ich mir denn lkw umbauen kann

  17. Leif Knudsen

    This is only #### compared to the original. It was made for 1-2 years

  18. Please Check the Chassis 6×2/4 the last Axel has non good Traktion when the middle Axle ist down….. only when the Truck drives with a Trailer…..

    Please Check it……

    Or mail me your password… the ich check this himself

    1. tomorrow comes the new version and arranged several defects

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