Schwarzmueller SPA 3E Rework v 2.1


– 1.25 ready
– advanced coupling
– added lights with lightmask
– 20 looks (all in traffic)
– pallett box
– reduced pmg size, no more errors in gamelog
– reworked lod
– new shadow
– new company_paint_job system
– fully compatible with Abasstreppas Pacton wheels
(must be edited in def file)

Changes in this version:

– shadow fixed
– no more flare error message

Model & Convert by Ventyres
Axles by Loogie, Holli, Ventyres
Wheel Abasstreppas
Jost Legs by mr.poland, Ventyres
Textures by Pauli/Nordisch, de_ben, pumizo, Arnaud57/Arnook, Ventyres
Skins by DaStig
3D-Rework by MarcDo

© by TTT 2016 (Trailer Tag Team – DaStig & MarcDo)

MarcDo, DaStig

19 additional Skins by DaStig:

MarcDo, DaStig


7 thoughts on “Schwarzmueller SPA 3E Rework v 2.1

  1. Thanks MarcDo, great job in the future there will also be coolliner version?

  2. Francesco

    beautiful mod! but the fix plate light one posted along with the older version still needed or not in this version here?

    1. is fixed in this version. Light is working proper and no more errors in gamelog

  3. Der Tuerko

    is that compatible with 1.24 too? or only 1.25?

    1. Only 1.25

  4. Nice trailer pack!

  5. Hello :). works at 1.30?

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