Schwarzmueller SPA 3E v 3.2

YouTube preview

– advanced coupling
– added lights with lightmask
– 20 looks (all in traffic)
– pallett box
– reduced pmg size, no more errors in gamelog
– reworked lod
– new shadow
– new company_paint_job system
– fully compatible with Abasstreppas Pacton wheels
(must be edited in def file)

Update 1.30

Tested 1.30



6 thoughts on “Schwarzmueller SPA 3E v 3.2

  1. Hello, very good work with the trailer. The skin of the scania what have you done? If so, I will put it to download and enjoy that work also made a greeting

  2. by Visitor – fakemaker
    old mod

    1. scaniadriver of rh trucking

      well,not everything could be a fake.the guys from scssoftware forum are happy with this trailer – me included.
      better try it out before say its fake – ok?many new guys would be happy to have such a trailer and believe maybe what you are writing

  3. Nice where do you find the curtains its look liks sisle.or jey jey

  4. REVIEW Update:

  5. JellyGamerHD





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