Schwarzmüller Galp Cistern

Galp-3 Galp-1 Galp-2

hi, i bring you a schwarzmüller citern with a skin of the portuguese fuel company, galp.
trailer is standalone with standalone wheels. tested in version. its dlc vive la france and rusmap ready.

i hope you enjoy

credits: scs, rommi tz, fred_be, ets2 studio, gamma


8 thoughts on “Schwarzmüller Galp Cistern

  1. Beautiful cistern guys. Good job;-D

    1. Thanks

  2. nice with some more cisterns, small issue – noticed your traffic trailer didn’t have any specified chassi, wheels ….. it mightcause some problems

    1. Its not present in trafic. I tested with some other trailers and packs and no problem. But if there is, please write were. Thanks

  3. do i need the schwarzmüller-dlc?

  4. skyfall777

    nice trailer but has only 1t of weight

    1. There are 3 cargos, 25t, 24t and 1t empty

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