Schwarzmuller Low Bed Semi Trailer in Ownership v 1.0

Mod allows you to purchase a Schwarzmüller low-bed semi-trailer for the transport of cargo.
Features of the mod:
– When loading on a low frame, a model is installed corresponding to the load;
– Works cargo market. (Backhoe loader, excavator, forklift, loader, yacht, tractor, etc.)
Supported game versions: 1.34, 1.35



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3 thoughts on “Schwarzmuller Low Bed Semi Trailer in Ownership v 1.0

  1. ??? Why this Pain? And the Upload is not from SDK !!! 🙁

    1. hansetrans

      what pain? why u are talking senseless sh*t

  2. Mats Johansson

    download at do not work!!!! they just redirect you to a load of ####….

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