Schwarzmuller SPA 3E

-Tested 1.27
-Ai traffic
-Advanced coupling
-Number of reduced polygons

Model & Convert by Ventyres
Axles by Loogie, Holli, Ventyres
Wheel Abasstreppas
Jost Legs by mr.poland, Ventyres
Textures by Pauli/Nordisch, de_ben, pumizo, Arnaud57/Arnook, Ventyres
Skins by DaStig
3D-Rework by MarcDo

© by TTT 2016 (Trailer Tag Team – DaStig & MarcDo)

DOWNLOAD 7.5 MB 19 additional Skins by DaStig

3 thoughts on “Schwarzmuller SPA 3E

  1. Francesco

    very nice thanks!

  2. GameplayHD2015

    mod not good,this is what happens with all trucks when this mod activated:

    1. Delete this file in the Mod:


      Then it´s gone

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