Schwarzmüller SPA 3/E Trailer


Standalone, updated 1.22 and Template

Authors: KAMAZ, mazman, Matgamer


4 Responses to Schwarzmüller SPA 3/E Trailer

  1. FatLizard says:

    Thanks for the share !!!
    I really appreciate you put also the Template … well done ! 🙂

  2. JESAN says:

    Crashes game when loading
    Tested with new profile and no other mods
    “Prism…index outside boundaries…etc..”
    Thank u for updating this nice trailer.

  3. EddieVegas says:

    I have tested the trailer now and didn’t have problems with the game crashing for me, build 1.22. I haven’t checked the log for errors, someone else can fill in that part.

    I can say the trailer has problems when it comes to the skinning. The textures is being stretched out and blurry due to how the model was built. The wrinkles you see on the tent fabric will cause you problems when you try to skin it, especially the sides not so much the middle part. Keep it in 1 color(red, blue, etc)) only or try to stay within the middle part of the template(curtain sides) when you skin. That way you could skin it a little bit.

  4. JESAN says:

    I tried it too with my current profile that contains other trailer mods
    with this trailer (Satan 1990).Some share the same cargo sii files names
    This time it crashed only when checking for jobs
    All tests done on 1.22
    Really wondering- first time I encounter this issue with a trailer…
    And no clue with the log (index outside boundaries is not precise enough)

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