Schwarzmuller trailers in traffic (v 2.0)


This mod add Schwarzmuller trailers in traffic.
Include empty overweight and empty log trailers.

DLC – Schwarzmuller trailers – REQUIRED



3 thoughts on “Schwarzmuller trailers in traffic (v 2.0)

  1. The original author is Piva:
    who are you to load the mods of other authors?

    1. vojtanoob

      pirozhkoff is piva (you can go check it on scs forum)

      1. I checked you’re right, but on this forum use the Piva name.
        This mod has been uploaded by SimR is a thief
        three days ago he has uploaded a mod GTM_Ledplates of GT_Mike
        He is saying that he was the author.
        Piva not charged twice for the same mod, what do you think?
        give me an answer

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