Scrap Tipper V1



V1 of my tipper is now avaliable
its not perfect, i have locked the PMG as its a lot of hard work gone
into it
3 Years in the making and is finally how i want it.

In the next version i should have the Advanced coupling working
perfect and the coupling animation working ok.
Also a couple of fixes when i find them lol


Ashley Willman, SCS


4 thoughts on “Scrap Tipper V1

  1. willy1962

    thanks for keep on going to making this.
    you urn respect!!!!!!!
    I will give it a try.

  2. Hey man please update the mod Traffic Density for Mario map 12.1

  3. Ashley Totally Amazing tipper, I’ve watched this mod grow from scratch with your posts over the years. Big thanks for releasing it to the public. Keep up the great work!!

  4. Mate could u add ao texturing to the back bumper in the next update because the rest of the trailer has it but only the back doesn’t… great mod though

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