SCS Glass Trailers Skin Pack


In Pack included Glass Trailers Skins:
– Arcon
– Trakya Cam Sanayi
– Isicam Sinerji
– Bascon Pro Logistic
– Polartherm
– Scheuten (Solar glass)
– Paritet98
– Lanutti

Author: Arnook

DOWNLOAD 2 MB Sharemod
DOWNLOAD 2 MB Uploadfiles

6 thoughts on “SCS Glass Trailers Skin Pack

  1. very nice skinsz

    TYVMuch, perfectly job

  2. How should I install this mod? I have only been up to scs-files to copy in to the mod file(after unpacking them). But when I unpack the rar file here it comes part 1 and 2 with dds-files. Where should I put them?

      1. Thank you for your answer and help with link. Can you also please help me with how or where I should add the skins, the dds-files?

        1. For trailer:
          for skins:
          open winrarSCS_Glass_Trailer/open SCS_Glass_Trailer.scs file/then vehicle/trailer_eu/glass_trailer (all dds files from skin pack PART1 put in this folder), and for glass_trailer_2 all dds files from skin pack PART2, save and thats it

          1. Thank you a lot for Your kindness to explain it. Have a great time.Johan

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