Scs Map Addons v1.1

This is second version of my map called Scs Map Addons

-Rebuilded Wrocław and Region
-Added new part of S8 expressway
-Added new city Rzeszów
-Added new city Radom [for now only one company]
-Added new part of A4 motorway from Kraków to Rzeszów [for now its empty in future updates i plan to expand it and made it better]
-Rebuilded region around Rzeszów
-Added S9 expressway
-Reworked road from Radom to Rzeszów

Please note that I’m amateur map maker and if there will be any missing terrains/bugs/invisible walls I’m sorry for that

Map tested & fully working on ETS2 1.40 & 1.41

Map to work need these DLC: Going East, Scandinavia, Beyond the Baltic Sea, Road to the Black Sea and DLC Vive la France

Prefabs/Signs/Models: GrakuPL, Dominiko, FKSStalMielec, Nicko, Jakubek, Adam.J
Map: ZombieMasterPL, Scs Software


12 thoughts on “Scs Map Addons v1.1

  1. Krzysztof

    Wszystko fajnie pięknie, tylko gdzie te foldery rozpakować?

  2. dlaczego mam tylko radom?

    1. Krzysztof

      @Mateusz, wiesz może gdzie rozpakować te foldery?

      1. do folderu mod

        1. Krzysztof

          No właśnie rzecz w tym, że wypakowywałem to do folderu mod i dupa. Nie działa

  3. Krzysztof

    Everything’s fine, but where to unpack these folders?

  4. why is rar file packed extra scsmapadd folder can it pack without this folder so can just next time put in game

  5. The Nightgames

    Good morning ZombieMasterPL

    I have a few questions for you
    and about your project
    You can write to me via Discord:

    1. ZombieMasterPL

      Maybe better will be if you write me on PM you can add me:

  6. ZombieMasterPL

    I’ve just released fix for this map

  7. The Nightgames

    Hello ZombieMasterPL

    Unfortunately I do not use the Promods forum
    I’m rather on Discord, Steam or you write me a mail

    Steam: The Nightgames
    Discrod: Dr. Nightcore#8653
    Mail: [email protected]

  8. Hi ZombieMasterPL!
    pls convert map to .scs
    (Map not Working)
    I will help you with the project
    Write to my Discord: Xedos#8066

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