SCS Trailer Patch V1.0


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Game ETS2 ver. 1.1.6 ->

Content: 60 different Reefer trailers
60 different Curtainsiders
10 different Bulktankers
10 different Glass trailers
10 different Tilt trailers
1 Inloader trailer

Credits Tailers: SCS: Base trailers
Bora: Rebuild of all trailers

Wheels: Kamaz Tyre, rim
Ventures: High poly wheel for texture rendering
Bora: Rim, hub

Textures SCS: Basic textures
Google: Light, reflector textures
Good-Year: Tyre textures
Jegge: Skins, licenseplates
Nordish: Skins, licenseplates
Kaeseschuh: Skins
Edobeted: Skins
Reyhan: Skins
Bora: Skins, AO texture

Cargo: Buchhave: dding trailer files to cargo

Installation Plug’n Play Add both .scs files to your mod folder

Terms of use: Do not upload to any other filehosting services (I’d like to know the number of downloads)
but feel free to repost the link 😉

SCS-Trailer_Patch_2.scs is locked..!! To prevent anyone from cutting skins, please respect authors wishes..!!


Skinning: Feel free to create new skins for any trailer you like, templates will be provided in it’s own .rar file,
everything needed will be included.

Hopefully you will all enjoy this mod, if you don’t there’s really not much I can do about it 😀


20 Responses to SCS Trailer Patch V1.0

  1. Belarus says:

    Video w ith all trailers please!

  2. matpol98 says:

    Would be cool with pics of the trailers. I mean, is it new ones, or is it just skinned trailers for the ones who aleready exists?

  3. Female Trucker says:

    I have installed this mod on Promods 1.91 and Rus Map 1.8 and also ! TSM Map 5.4, and so far ! There is no change on any SCS Trailers, so ! I am currently assuming this mod doesn’t work.

  4. Bora Costums says:

    This mod has been testet and Works perfectly fine, if anyone has any kind of issue withit get rid of all your other traielrmods, incuding the ones supplied with certain maps 😉

  5. wegger says:

    I test. Great mod trailer!

  6. Sarah1224 says:


    • MadMuffin says:

      Look at the video.
      It replaces reefer, curtainsider, schmitz universal, panel transporter and one heavy load trailer and brings ~13 standalone versions of reefer, curtainsider and one panel trailer with more skins 🙂

  7. james says:

    Its great to see all the 1st generation trailers finally changed with an option to use or not. Thanks

  8. wegger says:

    Add more trailers for next update

  9. Bobbo662 says:

    I think you did a great job! Thank you.

  10. Jeff says:

    i love this mod. but i have 2 little problems.

    1- it said that the templates would be in the pack.
    i cant find them anywhere.

    2- and even if i did have the templates.
    the skinds are locked so i cant replace 1 of them with my own skin.

    Please help me out with that. thank you

  11. Mcget2 says:

    Love the trailer really awesome. But where is the RAR with templates??
    I can’t find them

  12. Bora Costums says:

    Sve Hrvate u jednu septičku jamu!!!
    Jebem li vam mamu ustašku!

  13. UK Rebuild Map says:

    could i have a new link please it say’s the file has been removed

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