SCS Trailer Patch v1.27

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***Mod SCS Trailer Patch to 1.27 ***

What’s new:
v1.27 compatibility
AI Traffic
add all trailer with Liftaxe

ETS2 ver.1.27 including all DLCs
100 different Reefers
80 different Curtainsiders
20 different Boxtrailers
40 different Containers
10 different Bulktankers
10 different Glass trailers
10 different Tilt trailers
1 Inloader trailer
1 Flatbed Trailer

no Animation brace
no Advanced Trailer Coupling

SCS, Bora, Kamaz, scaniamatteo, Kaseschuh, Ventures, Nordish

Bora & Friends work on an new Trailer Patches … TLC Freight ist beta Tester .. Look this Site an Like it .

Schullis Mod Garage 1.26 to 1.27

SCS, Bora, Kamaz, scaniamatteo, Kaseschuh, Ventures, Nordish , SMG and More


12 thoughts on “SCS Trailer Patch v1.27

  1. What the f… do you think you’re doing ?
    The real 1.27 version is not released yet and you’re not “tester” as per your F…book page
    “no animation brace” and “no advanced trailer coupling” and no steering axle and Bussbyg trailer as per your FB page.

    1. See before you shout a people and report them you should fully read the post
      1 it states no animation or advanced coupling
      2 as it states Bora and friends are working on the new trailer patch
      3 his broken english may be at fault what he has done here is brought the old version upto 1.27 and usable with lift axel for now till bora finishes the new set
      4 he doesn`t state that he is the beta tester but tlc freight is which he is not part of
      sometimes it is people like you that make this community as bad as it is

      1. Borokleer

        Not worth wasting time with people like that. If you answer, you give him what he wants, that is, attention. Too many brats have access to the Internet.

      2. thx bro

        sorry my english is bad ..

        thx 4 support ..
        I just made it log-free so that you can enjoy the bora & friends team with the new SCS!

  2. Ha, what a coincidence when Bora is about to release his own version…
    And definitely no time to waste with people reuploading for petty money and attention as you said it.
    Big deal to add lift axles and update this mod, something I did myself instead of waiting for others to do it, like you,
    1/ I read carefully and I know where the official thread is.
    2/ And brat yourself by the way.

    1. And you are sure on that —> Bora is about to release his own version ???

      The trailer patch from Bora and his team will be released when it done… But its not now…..

  3. The package replaces part of the standard trailers – SCS.
    The mod consists of four files – scs

    Installation and connection in the manager (Top-down):
    SCS-Trailer_Patch_4.scs (Трафик)

    File – SCS-Trailer_Patch_3.scs do not install!
    This file is intended for skinners, that is for replacing skins on their own and contains empty folders with categories of trailers in which to place their files – dds, which will repaint trailers from the base package.

  4. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  5. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  6. What has this shitpack got to do with SCS?

  7. MercedesActros

    hey der mod ist wirklich sehr gut aber eine frage kann man den mod auch mit einer niedrien grafik spielen also benutzen ?????

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