SCS Trailer Patch V1.3

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***Mod SCS Trailer Patch V1.3***

What’s new:
v1.20 compatibility
Schmitz S.KO Cool
Flatbed Rework

Game: ETS2 ver.1.20 including Going East and Going North DLC
100 different Reefers
80 different Curtainsiders
20 different Boxtrailers
40 different Containers
10 different Bulktankers
10 different Glass trailers
10 different Tilt trailers
1 Inloader trailer
1 Flatbed Trailer

Do not upload to any other filehosting services

Authors: SCS, Bora, Kamaz, Kaseschuh, Ventures, Nordish


13 Responses to SCS Trailer Patch V1.3

  1. sory87 says:

    standalone or replace?
    work on with jazzycat pack?

  2. grandpa says:

    I know,but would it work ? Hope so.

  3. maverick says:

    is there any compatible cisterns (ADR) trailer mod? because cisterns are my favourite trailers and i will not drive this ugly default ADRs

  4. wegger says:

    Thanks update!

  5. Matthias Meyer says:

    I have the mod downloaded , only it is not running . Must all other Trailer Mods only be switched off ?

  6. Hobbytrucker says:

    create LED lights for this pack its will look better, please
    bitte für das Trailerpack LED Rücklichter erstellen

  7. Mike says:

    doesn’t work with others mods.

  8. nicoz says:

    update this to 1.24 version please

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