SCS Trailer Tuning Pack v 1.5

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I decided to create my own SCS Trailer Tuning Pack for Euro Truck Simulator 2, so i started it… If you find some BUGS or ERRORS please
report them or contact us . Not working on: TruckersMP
If you like it – use it, comment and rate – if you have some special Tuning Part request, please post them here with picture…

SCS Software, NoXX, 3Ds Max, Blender, Photoshop, Google and etc


14 thoughts on “SCS Trailer Tuning Pack v 1.5

  1. Servus, Geile idee mit dem Trailer, habs auch Probiert aber bei mir werden keine Lichter angezeigt ich kann keine lampen setzen oder lichter setzen

  2. Marc Ulfhedinn


    This mod is awesome! I have him for a long time, and each day becomes excellent. Very, very cool and perfect. Without bugs, crashes or lag.I have this tuning part to show you Please, can you do it?But my friend, i want to ask you if it is possible to do something else too. I think this type of trailer is very cool×385.jpg / / Flissläp Trailer. Pal, if possible to make this trailer for Standard SCS trailer to carry wood chips or pallets loads…man, i do not know how to thank. For example, this trailer would have the same height as Livestock trailer. It will be cool, because Livestock trailer is the tallest trailer (closed) in the game. Well, i’ts just a suggestion 🙂 But, it would be very nice with your modding.

  3. Video presentation of the mod:
    Thank you!

  4. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.35

  5. JoachimK

    Thanks for your Update. Works fine. 5*

  6. Full HD 60fps VIDEO TEST:

  7. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…

  8. Ross Aldrich

    love it! the only thing I can think of to make it better is the option for pins for custom lights instead of just standard and exclusive.

  9. tradarbalk

    great mod 🙂
    with light slots on the bakdoors it would be perfect 🙂
    awsome job dude

  10. It is possible to help me, i play in 1.32 and i have this..

    [model] Unable to runtime convert model geometry ‘/vehicle/trailer_owned/scs_box/sgd_ch_3.pmg’ – it is too old.

    if anyone knows what I need to change.. i don’t would change my version..

    1. Hello,

      You need to update your game version.

    2. Change PC

  11. Is there any possibility to paint the 3 pretuned trailers? If so, how do i do it. The rest of your mod is exceptionally great.

  12. FakeGenius

    Hello, your mod is amazing. But i have a question for you, can you add a modification of the colour at the box under the trailer, please ?

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