SCS Volvo FH 6×2/4 Sideskirts


Contains sideskirt mods for 2 versions of the new FH.

‘SCS Volvo NewFH FULL PAINT 6×2-4 Sideskirts – Punisher.scs’ can be
used if you are using my
full paint mod. Make sure to delete full paint mod and replace with
this one.

‘SCS Volvo NewFH Stock 6×2-4 Sideskirts – Punisher’ can be used if you
drive Stock new FH.


SCS Software, ThePunisher


27 thoughts on “SCS Volvo FH 6×2/4 Sideskirts

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    a 1.000.000 thanks again i love Your work!



    1. ThePunisher

      Thanks 🙂

  2. TruckerBoB

    Likewise MANY thanks for this great mod,


    By the way.. do all the Old format side skirt mods still work for the other default trucks ?.

    I did try an old Renault magnum side skirt mod but it failed to load and gave lots of log file errors ..probably because it was made circa patch version 1.3 or so..

    1. ThePunisher

      They should, only difference is that you may have errors if the are for versions before 1.4

  3. Nice work, bud! As always 😉

  4. Leah Elena

    so where is you fullpaint mod then?
    I enabled both scs files but I got 0 side skirts on either 6×4 or 6x2x4.

    1. ThePunisher

      Enable only ONE of the SCS files. If you want full paint then enable only full paint sideskirt mod.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    Can you make sideskirts for costum Actros mp4 mod? 🙂

  6. can you give link to the wheels in the picture?

      1. thanks dude 🙂

  7. THANK Y VERY MUCH, good job

  8. Danko12395

    Please reference the lights and flags down. Thanks

    1. ThePunisher

      They are a mod done by a friend of mine who released them on a group called ‘zmodder perfection’ on Facebook

  9. its a shame you need some one els his mod to get sideskirts. cant you just make it work with every mod.

    1. ThePunisher

      No I can’t, in order to have sideskirts work I need to place a node on the truck’s pmg so any other mod that edits truck pmg won’t work with it.

  10. ThePunisher

    Glad you guys like it 🙂

  11. hi nice mod thanks!! but how do you do that light below your bumper? i want that 2 but the mod is only for the Scania of 50_keda kan you help me with that?

    greetz kevin

    1. ThePunisher

      They are an edit done by a friend of mine

  12. Leah Elena

    ThePunihser: Your ###### but cool mod conflicts with other skins! I have modified a skin and when I got these skirts to work my upper grill where the volvo badge is and the headboard turns white!
    You should have checked for bugs and errors, conflicts etc. Find solutions before putting this for download.

    1. ThePunisher

      My mod doesn’t conflict with any skin mod nor does it have bugs. There are 2 sideksirt mods with in the pack. One for the people who want the black part above and below the windscreen painted, and one for the people who don’t want that. Maybe you should pay attention to what you are doing. It works for everyone else.

  13. does these sideskirt work on fast mission truck?

  14. Awesome mod Punisher, thanks for making and releasing this. You are doing the job that SCS should be doing.

  15. Chris Knowles

    Hi, Are these skinable as well?


  16. how you added fog lamps in this position at a photograph

  17. sideskirter

    can you pls fix wrong position of steps and shew the other ending?

    1. sideskirter


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