SCS X-Mas Background mod


Mod allows you to see wonderful X-Mas SCS background, even when SCS decides to remove it from the game.
Mod is for 1.22 version, but can be used with older versions after removing “vehicle_lights_on: true” string from config.sii file in mod.

Authors: SCS (mainly), AlexeyP


12 thoughts on “SCS X-Mas Background mod

  1. “even when SCS decides to remove it from the game.” …………… I believe that SCS will decide this, when will be normal to take such a decision, you suggests us to keep him and in July?

    1. This your words about july, not mine. I prefer to decide it for myself.

      1. i vote to keep it.
        all who votes yes for it says “ay” 😛

      2. But I didn’t said you to not decide for yourself, just I’ve asked what’s the point to keep this background longer than the winter !!!

        Anyway, nevermind, for a useless file I received a useless answer.

        Hope you’ll not keep and your winter clothes, on you, after winter will finish.

        1. Piratxxx11

          You ######-like SCS monkey drunked gruppe… 😛 good mod 😉

          1. Thank you!

        2. “what’s the point to keep this background longer than the winter !!!” (yours)
          “even when SCS decides to remove it from the game” (mine)
          Feel the difference.
          So based on your logic, if SCS remove this mod on 10 january (for example), winter will be over for you? Nonsense.

          1. What a discussion!
            Is AlexeyP saying everyone has to download this background and have to use it?? Nope, it is for free.
            He brings us a nice background and it´s up to you if you use it or leave it. Who cares about how long??? Oh man…

            I said thank AlexeyP, don´t worry.

  2. And why you put this background here free if it is owned by SCS Software ? I see no sense , unless you are making money for each download of this mod to through SahareMods

  3. @Kaleu57 – was just a question, nothing more, just a question. Of course the mods are free for get them, but, same how the file is free to be downloaded…or not, and the questions are free, and they can get the answers…or not.

    Why so much inflammation, for a question?

    AlexeyP, usually, makes some great mods, I use a lot of them, just for this one I didn’t get the point, that’s all.

    1. Hello Terra, no, i said no inflammation from me to you! Ok?
      I only could not understand this discussion about a Wallpaper.
      I could not believe that he earns money with this downloads, but i don´t know it exactly.
      I go with you, he make some fine mods and now it´s enough…

      Merry Christmas….. 🙂

  4. EvgenKo423


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