SDMods Wormser Trailerpack

Welcome to my Wormser Trailer-Pack v1.0.0!

This Package contains five different trailers with Wormser-Skin

Please note:
This is a beta-Version (in cause of the beta-status of ETS2Studio)
The Trailers are writing errors to the log.txt
But ingame they run without any problem. No crashes!

MDModding, samgt13, SCS, scania_dragon

All trailers are standalone and given to the ai-traffic
Modmanager Ready
DLC North is recommended

Compatible to:
For possibly updates please visit and read my blog on

Kind regards to you, scania_dragon

MDModding, samgt13, SCS, scania_dragon


8 thoughts on “SDMods Wormser Trailerpack

  1. :/The Trailers are writing errors to the log.txt
    But ingame they run without any problem. No crashes!:/

    yes. 90% of all trailers and packs have the same errors. and if i would download all of them, then belive me, my game will get low FPS, stuttering and maybe crash in the end.

    why you not fix the errors. its simple. if you don´t know how, why you not just google for it, or ask in the SCS forum?

    but thanks that you said that, so i not wasted my time again to check a bad mod. 😉

    1. But do not you first have to explain the solution?
      which has continued to repeat to all this problem
      why not write the link SCS with the solution?
      I do not need, but many friends

    2. scania_dragon

      Tell this question to mdmodding please. ets2studio is no more updated since a very much long time. I’m not a modder and I have do not have a clue to solve these problems.

      You wrote that you’re game is crashing in the end. My game not!
      I have written this note for those who know and accept this failure.
      I do not force anyone to download my modpacks.

      Accept it or do not download my modpacks til ets2studio is finally updated.

      No hard feelings please!

  2. just delete the trailer_type-files

    thanks for sharing !

  3. zoso,
    because i´m tired of this. i told it many times. mostly i don´t say anything more, sometimes i give a hint like today.
    and if many have a problem, and there are really many many, because every day you see new trailers with same errors, why you not just ask at the right place?
    Mike gave the solution now already.

    and sorry, sometime i´m not in a good mood, like today. 😉

    1. Ok, I hope that next time you will be calmer,
      I wish you good evening

    2. scania_dragon

      and what happens when the trailer_type files are deleted ?
      crashes the game immediately ?

      1. scania_dragon

        I have deleted all trailer_type files in my mods now. And they’re now faultfree. Thank you all (first of all Mike!) for your comments and help!
        For those who interested for my mods: Please download the files again. The fixed files are now available!

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