Seat Adjustment No Limits update v 2.3

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Unlimited seat position adjustment
-Applies to all vehicles.
-You can sit in any position

-update V2.3
-Renault İntegral

-Renault Major

-Scania Lupal

-Mercedes Actros MP2 Max Space konsept

-Renault Premium DCI 420

-Mercedes Benz Antos

-Scania 144L

-Renault EA Magnum

-Volvo FM

-Daf F241

-Daf DAF XF 105 by vad&k

-test version: 1.34.x
-Don’t steal!
!! do not re-upload !!



4 thoughts on “Seat Adjustment No Limits update v 2.3


    cool sympa merci

  2. @president10 : How do i change seat &, what key must i press to let me sit on the right seat?

    1. president10

      Use the F4 key to set. You can also set the main menu (seat adjustment)

      1. Ok thanks!

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