Seat adjustment no limits

Seat-adjustment-no-limits-1 Seat-adjustment-no-limits-2

Mod allows adjustment of the seats in any position in interior, available in all trucks by SCS. In addition, the mod increases limits rotation of the camera to the right and down
Tested 1.11 version

Author: satan19990


15 thoughts on “Seat adjustment no limits

  1. Allow copy on another forum but keep orginal download link (with and author! Do not reupload!
    change the link!!!!!!!

    1. We have permission from Satan.

      1. I’m the only one giving out permissions here!

        Just kidding,

  2. Can you make trailer remoweable in this new patch?

  3. Nimeni_Altu

    wow, nice job dude!

  4. not working by me

  5. Ok i got it,not working with scania Mulitmod!!!!
    dont know why or how

  6. Perfect! Thanks.

  7. Epsilon04

    Awww nice mod ! thanks !

  8. Effing thank you! The ways this can improve screenshots and the perspective on the game especially after hundreds of hours played is immense, cheers.

  9. Dose not work with any truck mods i’m afraid. Didnt work in any of mine atleast.

  10. @matpol iknow what u mean,as i said not wokring with scania mulitmod! but when mulitmod is off i nice

  11. Awesome mod.I love it!Thanks

  12. Thanks!

  13. OK, does anyone give us any answer why does it not work???

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