Seat Adjustment v 1.1

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With this mod, it is possible to set a larger area in the seat adjustment.
Whether you want to put the camera position on the passenger seat or the bed, this mod makes it possible.
Only the standard vehicles since version 1.32 are supported.



6 thoughts on “Seat Adjustment v 1.1

  1. please+realize+a+version+for+1.31+thanks.

  2. one version for 1.31??

  3. president10

    Do not steal my mode and change the Name.

  4. president10

    Please report to the original Mode.

  5. Sorry, this Mod is not stolen. Please Compare Your Mod and My Mod. You will find out, that both have different Seat Rage. Not every simular Mod is stolen 😉 I create only own Mods. Not much, but every is selfmate. I Swear.

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