Seat Leon V1R20 (1.36.X)

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Updated for 1.36

trzpro, yellow1441


19 thoughts on “Seat Leon V1R20 (1.36.X)

  1. Dillinger Johnny

    Thanks a lot

  2. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.36…

  3. Barış Doğru

    syn. tznpro Yerli Aracımızı İstiyoruz Abe 😀

  4. got one in real life, the interior is close to the real thing same with the exterior only thing is please make different engines for it and not just use skoda parts

  5. make Volkswagen Touran please

  6. ToxicXboss

    1.36 Video Test

  7. Gello i love every car you maded.
    Can you make Mercedes CLS 2015 ?

  8. Susanu Rares


    1. ToxicXboss

      go to mod dealer
      And i am sorry that i used two accounts thought would not work

  9. Susanu Rares

    make volkswagen touran please!!!

  10. I don’t drive with these passenger cars. Don’t get angry but this is “truck game”

    1. So, if you don’t mind me asking, what is the point in leaving this comment if it is of no value to the creator of the mod?

  11. Jonathan Tam

    Is it possible to make the Mazda 3 please? Thanks!

  12. It’s posible to make seat ibiza cupra or fr 6p?

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