Seleselenia Europe + Africa trailers


This mod adds in the game 136 new European and North Africa standalone trailers made by me. The trailers are also visibles in AI Traffic.

For every Country there are minimum 2 Trailers or more:
The 1st one is the trailer of a Transport Courier. The second one is the trailer of a normal company.

The trailers are all standalone
The trailers are visibles in AI Traffic
Tested on 1.21.x
Compatibles With all Mods and Maps



6 thoughts on “Seleselenia Europe + Africa trailers

  1. Espetacular….

  2. Ottimo lavoro ! Se, ti meriti un bel 10???

    1. seleselenia

      Ciao Zozo! sempre gentilissimo 🙂
      purtroppo non ho tanto tempo ora da dedicare ai miei amati trailers 🙁 spero poterne fare altri in futuro :):)

      ciao un bacione 🙂

      1. Cchè carina che 6 ?ino ??
        alla proxima
        ciao ciaoz

  3. Bonjour,
    j’adore les mods que vous créer je trouve que les mods sont magnifiques. Est ce que pouvez créer un nouveau pack de mods ou nous avons des remorques de convois exceptionnels comme le trailer and cargo and cargo pack by jazzycat 3.6 ?



  4. seleselenia

    hi, you can use many mods not only one at time. me i use my mods withe jazzycats ones and with promods and other maps and they works perfectly.

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