Serbia Volvo FH16 skin


for one man, but sorry, he told me too late that for scania. i make
you man. 🙂



21 thoughts on “Serbia Volvo FH16 skin

  1. Wow. This Is Amazing. Love It :). Ur Skins Are So Fantastic

  2. MrEtsTrucker

    Čoveče prjavi se za kontest! Ovo je extra!!!

    Svaka čast, samo nastavi…

    Ovaj skin ide u mom narednom videu!


  3. MrEtsTrucker

    Guys this is so great! I love it… 🙂

    Bro, hope you can make some serbian company skins!


    1. you must write me some serbian company, because i dont know serbian company.

  4. MrEtsTrucker

    Where are u from?

    1. slovakia

      1. MrEtsTrucker

        Really ?

        You are great!

        Keep up the good work, and best regards from Serbia!

        🙂 Thanks, bro!

  5. MrEtsTrucker

    This one is interesting, but I will send you more popular one’s!

  6. MrEtsTrucker

    This one is one of the biggest in Serbia! And most famous…

  7. Do you will to be for Volvo?

  8. ok. i make it!

    1. Thanks!

  9. I Absolutely Love Your Skins. Please Could You Do A Step By Step Video On How Your Do Your Skins? They Always Look So Amazing And I’d Love To Learn How You Do Yours To Get Them Looking So Good

  10. Prelepo btate,daj jos nesto nase!!!!

  11. Please 🙂

    1. hi man. maybe i make this video, but if u know make skins then its only playing with a picture in CS6. in future [email protected]

  12. The Video Would Be Great :). I Can Never Understand How Making Skins In Photoshop CS6. My Friend Makes Me Skins But I Would Like To Learn Myself And Yours Always Turn Out Amazing. :). I Can Email My Email Address If You Like

  13. I Try Before To Make Skin And Followed Many Videos On Youtube But Either My Skin Would Turn Out Wrong Or Show Up In Game. Yours Are Amazing.

  14. MrEtsTrucker

    Check out the skin!

    Great job bro, honestly!

  15. Wow. Super skin. Najbolji skin koji videlu sam. Sigurno dje kopistitam 🙂

  16. This one is one of the best!

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