Serpentine Road & House & Long Way Small v 9.4


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Version 5.0 updates:
– Named two cities:Montana and Premontana
– Garage available to buy/save/edit name
– Truck dealer available
– Compatible with last version and some another mods

Version 6.0 updates:
– Add new signs
More vegetation
– Comaptible with 1.16.X

Version 7.0 updates:
– Redesigned 60%
– Truck Dealer available “DAF”
– Now working 100% with all mods and maps
– Changed folder size(keep only mod sectors)
– Compatible with 1.16.X

Version 8.0 updates:
– redesigned map sectors
– more vegetation
– solved bugs and crash problems
– compatible with 1.17.x and another mods
– compatible with DLC Scandinavia

Version 9.0 updates:
– Added a new company in Montana
– Solved a lot of bugs;
– Compatible with 1.18.x

Version 9.1 updates:
– The tunnel is a little easier to cross
– Solved crash from Truck Dealer
– Compatible with Mod Manager
– Compatible with 1.19.x

Version 9.2 updates:
– Working properly with GPS route customization;
– Compatible with 1.20.x

Version 9.3 updates:
-Solved road bugs;
-Company available for new jobs;
-Compatible with 1.21.x

Version 9.4 updates:
-More vegetation;
-Compatible with 1.22.x

Installation: Extract files from “Part.I Serpentine” and “Part.II Serpetnine” in ETS2 mods directory and activate it from Mod Manager!


DOWNLOAD 1.6 MB part I

3 thoughts on “Serpentine Road & House & Long Way Small v 9.4

  1. Marcel1801

    Does it work with Promods and TSM?

    1. Piratxxx11

      Kid..this is only ###### copy route to alpen…..:D 😀

  2. Crashes when entering the showroom v1.22

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