Serpentine Road & House & Long Way Small v3.0


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I opened serpentine road and added 85% more:roads,buildings,tunnels,serpentines,hills,houses and other things.Original road get redesingned.

Version 2.0 updates:
-Direct road from Zurich
-Solved texture bugs
-Service City get redesigned(many buildings,new road,sidewalk,parking place,animate model)
-More sleep places and hotel

Version 3.0 updates:
-Showroom and Service from Scandinavia map
-Repair all textures bug
-Add new models
-Solved problem with lag
-Added semaphors where must to be

Compatible with 1.14.X



2 thoughts on “Serpentine Road & House & Long Way Small v3.0

  1. How does it work with latest TSM ? last time it broke the roads.

  2. Does it work with Eastern Map?

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