Serpentine Road & House & Long Way Small v4.0


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I opened serpentine road and added 85% more:roads,buildings,tunnels,serpentines,hills,houses and other things.Original road get redesingned.

Version 2.0 updates:
-Direct road from Zurich
-Solved texture bugs
-Service City get redesigned(many buildings,new road,sidewalk,parking place,animate model)
-More sleep places and hotel

Version 3.0 updates:
-Showroom and Service from Scandinavia map
-Repair all textures bug
-Add new models
-Solved problem with lag
-Added semaphors where must to be

Version 4.0 updates:
-Solved texture problem
-Creating new textures
-Add new signs
-Compatible with 1.15.X



3 thoughts on “Serpentine Road & House & Long Way Small v4.0

  1. Nice work.
    With 1.14 and TSM 5.3 and Russ map 1.4 ?

  2. icebeer75

    with Promods 11.81 und rusmap compatibel ?

  3. AlexCrazy

    some ups impassable
    game crashes while trying to evacuate on serpentine
    traffic disappeared on junction with standart map roads

    this mod need some defs
    need to name city in mountains and more

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