Setra 517 HDH TopClass 2021 – ETS2 1.42

Vehicle Features There are
2 Engines and 2 Retarders
Original engine sound
20 company skins with their own special moving sign
Realistic handbrake wiper door and interior sounds
Reversing camera support
Interior customization Customizable interior lighting

Project Owner: oyuncuyusbismods
Model Owner: Berezhny the Levg the (jekich1)
Model Editor and Game Import: Artin earnings
Converter Support: Mahyar Ghasemi
fmod-Audio: Kriechbaum-Amin Babaei
Skinpack: Beybedros-Burak Bıkmaz-Abdullah Rich



3 thoughts on “Setra 517 HDH TopClass 2021 – ETS2 1.42

  1. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 /// SETRA S517HDH TopClass (Update) [1.42]

  2. jasuga72

    Great mod !!!. Great design, great sound. Only I have a problem, when you are stop the IA touch you from behind causing 1% damage in every collision; it seems like the IA is not be able to calculate the size of the bus, maybe is too big. If you can correct this we can used in game without no damage mod.

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