Setra 519HD 1.24.X


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Added -New Glass wipers.
-New Metallic Compatible with DLC.
-New Light Mask Added.
Added -New Wheel Cover 1 unit.
-New Color Wheel Cover Added.
-New Skin Added 2 units.
Added -New physics.
-New Steering setra Added logo.
Added -New cockpit.
-New Animation Added Indicator.
-New Neon Added.
-New Glass Signs Added.

Model: Can SKMN

Tested version: 1.24.x also runs



34 thoughts on “Setra 519HD 1.24.X

  1. Rekkamies69


    1. The Gamer


  2. Test 1.24 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL
    dealer Mercedes

  3. pewdiepie

    Does it work on 1.23?

    1. The Gamer


      1. Work on 1.23, i use this mod on 1.23 🙂

  4. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  5. Graphics mod?

  6. I’ve tested and will say: Nothing special, really….full of bugs and errors.

  7. gamevideo

    Video https://youtu. be/_DFSrAA3iTQ

  8. I’ve been trying it and the only bug that i saw are the wipers. They sound but they don’t clean and you can’t see them

  9. hoonyx258

    how to install this

    1. wot is the paswort

  10. viniciusramos4

    What is the password? I couldn’t fint it!

    1. Pass?

  11. Pass?

  12. fajnu mod

  13. Emmanuel Beedasee

    Please move this mod to American Truck Simulator please!

  14. rar şifresi nedr*

  15. Who have passenger mod compatible 1.24?

  16. What is the reason ? We have not the pasword!!!

  17. What is the password??????

  18. Don’t have wipers and shadow but nice

  19. kentrucks

    hello i have a problem if i open the rar file then i see 2 zip files but i don’t find the scs file can you put it in one map and make it scs

  20. Hey! We don’t know password!! What is the password?

  21. Password ???? What is the Password???

  22. Please fix wipers in interior

  23. i play whith this mod i ets 2 1.21 and the bus wheel is red but why?

  24. What is the password pleas

  25. can someone make one for ats plss?

  26. What is the password to Extract zip ?????

  27. Does it work on ets2 1.25

  28. shanthesh


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