Setra 519HD 1.24.X


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Added -New Glass wipers.
-New Metallic Compatible with DLC.
-New Light Mask Added.
Added -New Wheel Cover 1 unit.
-New Color Wheel Cover Added.
-New Skin Added 2 units.
Added -New physics.
-New Steering setra Added logo.
Added -New cockpit.
-New Animation Added Indicator.
-New Neon Added.
-New Glass Signs Added.

Model: Can SKMN

Tested version: 1.24.x also runs



34 Responses to Setra 519HD 1.24.X

  1. Rekkamies69 says:


  2. Diablo says:

    Test 1.24 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL
    dealer Mercedes

  3. pewdiepie says:

    Does it work on 1.23?

  4. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  5. Lolyou says:

    Graphics mod?

  6. Maron says:

    I’ve tested and will say: Nothing special, really….full of bugs and errors.

  7. gamevideo says:

    Video https://youtu. be/_DFSrAA3iTQ

  8. angel says:

    I’ve been trying it and the only bug that i saw are the wipers. They sound but they don’t clean and you can’t see them

  9. hoonyx258 says:

    how to install this

  10. viniciusramos4 says:

    What is the password? I couldn’t fint it!

  11. fila says:


  12. poczta says:

    fajnu mod

  13. Emmanuel Beedasee says:

    Please move this mod to American Truck Simulator please!

  14. akrep says:

    rar ┼čifresi nedr*

  15. Luap says:

    Who have passenger mod compatible 1.24?

  16. tzepesh says:

    What is the reason ? We have not the pasword!!!

  17. Tomasz says:

    What is the password??????

  18. Kedi says:

    Don’t have wipers and shadow but nice

  19. kentrucks says:

    hello i have a problem if i open the rar file then i see 2 zip files but i don’t find the scs file can you put it in one map and make it scs

  20. Chris says:

    Hey! We don’t know password!! What is the password?

  21. Tomasz says:

    Password ???? What is the Password???

  22. Flemming says:

    Please fix wipers in interior

  23. giuneit says:

    i play whith this mod i ets 2 1.21 and the bus wheel is red but why?

  24. silvi says:

    What is the password pleas

  25. Joes says:

    can someone make one for ats plss?

  26. sara says:

    What is the password to Extract zip ?????

  27. lau'w says:

    Does it work on ets2 1.25

  28. shanthesh says:


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