Shelby GT 500 2010


YouTube preview

This is the BETA version of the mod, contains some bugs, but in the
future they will be fixed
It’s totally free to edit, just keep credits

It is in all the concessionaires

Brake light may cause some lag on some computers

In the mod it contains:
Three engines
Two engine sounds
Metal painting

Any bug report, please

Car model by: Forza Motorsport 3 Conversion by: Gambarotto


15 thoughts on “Shelby GT 500 2010

  1. HD Test 1.26

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video on my Youtube Channel

  3. hejsa hvor køber man den ?? i ets2

  4. Very+Nice+JOB+!+Can+you+make+Audi+RS6+from+Forza+Horizon+2+?

    1. Gambarotto

      Not for now, I probably will when Shelby is in her final version

  5. Very good job! Just rework the sound.

    1. Gambarotto

      The sound will be redone in the next updates

    2. yea, sound should be better, but visual page is very nice! 🙂

  6. This is if not my favorite sports car mod atm.

    Awesome work keep converting!

  7. очередной шлак

  8. Very nice car, well done…
    But comparing to the other cars on the road a little to big in size

    1. Gambarotto

      Thanks for informing 🙂 It will be fixed in your next update

  9. Samuraiboo14

    Test Video on Channel. Good Job to the Creators!

  10. for future updates:
    1. keep only one dealer, or if you want to keep all make separate slots without replacing any trucks (currently I removed all dealers and kept only Renault, however there is still a conflict with Skoda Superb and BMW M5 because all these mods are using the same Skoda prefabs?)
    2. the three engines are too powerful, car is difficult to control
    3. mirrors need serious improvement.
    otherwise keep up for a good start 😉

    1. Gambarotto

      Its engine has real torque and power (hp), it has a conflict with Skoda because I used Skoda to convert it

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